Youth Development in the City of Geraldton

In any city, regardless of size, the entire population is important and each person who dwells within it is valuable to the city. This couldn’t be more true in the City of Greater Geraldton. Everyone, whichever age group they belong, has a special place—and that includes the youth.

Youth Development in the City of Geraldton

The youth are an important part of our city because they play a significant role, especially in building a better future for Geraldton and its residents. So, to encourage this, we believe that it is essential to help the youth develop and the city has groups and events that support this endeavour.

Representation and Planning

In the City Council, there are youth development officers who strive hard to accomplish their sole mission: to help develop and support the youth of the city. These dedicated officers ensure that there are programs and events that are available to young people.

This creates a certain level of engagement of the youth in city matters, as their opinions are always asked and valued by the officers, who in turn relay it to the Council. Youth feedback also helps create better youth events and group formations in the future. Resources are available for all the youth, generated from this input and the planning of the officers.

Events and Opportunities

National Youth Week is the biggest event of the year for young people in Geraldton—celebrating their place in the city, talent and opportunities. There are also other events and days with the youth as a target audience, including NAIDOC week, Careers Expo, Harmony Day and the Mullewa Street Festival.

In addition, groups and programs such as the Midnight Basketball program and the Mobile Youth Centre give young people a healthy environment in which to interact and have fun with their peers. The Geraldton Youth App for smartphones includes all information regarding these and other youth functions.

The Youth are the Future

The youth are a very important part of the population of Geraldton. They are our future, so they should be supported for them to grow and develop the right way. The city has many programs and events facilitated by youth officers who strive to provide the young people with a nurturing environment above all else.

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