Your Family will Love These Nature Parks in Geraldton

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we offer land for sale which is easily turned into house and land packages by contacting one of our builder partners. Geraldton is a sea change destination and an international tourist destination. It is also a hub for the resources industry, offering the infrastructure of a big city while providing the lifestyle of a small town.

One of the biggest reasons people choose Geraldton is because it is so beautiful here. And nowhere is that beauty on display more than in our nature parks. Here are a few of our best nature parks.

Nature Parks in Geraldton

Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary

In Aboriginal language, Waminda means “peace and tranquility”. At Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary, you will find ample amounts of both. Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary rests on eleven acres of farmland. The sanctuary rescues injured animals and “offers them food, shelter and love”.

Animals at the sanctuary include emus, kangaroos, dingoes, geese, chickens, ducks, parrots, dogs, horses and even a peacock or two. In addition, Waminda is rife with native plants and flowers. They use windmills and solar panels to generate power and are a model of how to become a self-sufficient community.

Greenough Wildlife Park

Greenough Wildlife Park is another wildlife sanctuary, but the emphasis is on family fun as opposed to peace and tranquility. They also rescue animals, but they offer entertainment such as a BBQ facility that hosts children’s parties.

Town Beach

While it isn’t the typical “nature park”, the Town Beach is a huge attraction in Geraldton. It was recently refurbished, offering a beach with facilities such as restaurants, shops and a marina. It is very child-friendly and is a great place to spend a day with the family.

Geraldton Heights Estate

If you are thinking of moving to Geraldton, check out our house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate. Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community in the suburb of Moresby. It overlooks the Geraldton CBD while providing gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean. Best of all, it is located close to great nature parks, with the Chapman River Regional Park only minutes away.

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