Work with One of Our Builder Friends for a House and Land Package at Geraldton Heights Estate

If you are interested in any of the house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate, it will be helpful to know some of our builder friends. Each property block is at least 2000 m2, which allows you to build your dream home at Geraldton Heights Estate. Our builder friends have approved templates or you can work with an architect and create a custom design.

It is always advisable to contact our office or a builder partner to ensure that any designs fall within what we allow at Geraldton Heights Estate. Here are some thumbnail sketches of our builder friends.

House and Land Packages in Geraldton Builder Friends

Redink Homes

Managed by Scott Clark, Redink Homes has built a thriving business based on providing the best in customer service. Their customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof.

WA Country Builders

WA Country Builders is a large, resourceful company that can offer an incredible range of homes, from inexpensive to opulent.

Shane Crothers Homes

Shane Crothers Homes is a company that is easy to work with. They also have some creative designs that draw rave reviews.


Plunkett has been in business since 1903; that’s 112 years. They are doing a lot right.

Big Sky

Big Sky specialises in custom design. They also have a wide range of their own designs.

Rural Building Company

The Rural Building Company builds ecologically sustainable homes with unique, attractive designs. They treat the environment like they treat their clients: great.

Geraldton Homes

Owned by Kevin Giudice and Co, Geraldton Homes has been in business for over 35 years. They are a truly local business that supports other local businesses and has won numerous industry awards.

Mandosio Homes

Mandosio Homes is another company that specialises in custom design. They consistently win multiple Master Builders Association awards every year.

It Starts by Calling Geraldton Heights Estate

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