Win-Win: How to Keep a Positive Relationship with Your Builder

Whether you are someone looking for a home who is interested in our Geraldton property, a property investor or a developer, it pays to maintain a positive relationship with your builder. If you are building your residence, it will help ensure a timely and accurate completion of your home. As an investor, you may be developing a mutually beneficial relationship that will last decades. As a developer, you can often negotiate discount rates for your landowners.

How to Keep a Positive Relationship with Your Builder

Communication is the Key

It is essential to have open communication with your site manager and builder. The trick is to establish regular, periodic communication without giving the impression that you are “micro-managing” the project.

You should always know what stage of the building process your home is in. Talking regularly with the site manager will also ensure that issues which may cost you money are addressed immediately and to your satisfaction. Nipping situations like this in the bud can prevent the scenario of work on your home being stopped while you resolve an issue.

Stages of Construction

Your builder is usually paid by the bank at the completion of each of five stages: laying the slab, completing the trusses and frames, finishing the brickwork and roof, installing internal linings and timber mould out and the final stage, which is called the “final and practical completion”.

After the bank finishes paying the builder, the home is ready for handover, in which you are given your warranties, keys and other essential documents.

It is essential that you know what these stages consist of because you can’t make changes to any of them once the work is done.

Try Our Builder Partners

We have established a great relationship with our builder partners at Geraldton Heights Estate. We heartily recommend talking to them about a turnkey home because they do all of the work and all you do is turn the key to move in.

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