Why Not Wednesday: Enhancing Liveability in Geraldton

An active city thrives on the activities and the healthy lifestyles of the people that dwell within it. Geraldton is no exception and the collective happiness of its residents speak strongly to how the city stands. Among all of the things that the city does to help its people, a new program has been initiated to help promote a healthy lifestyle for all residents. This program is called ‘Why Not Wednesday’ and it’s doing great things to help the whole community.

Enhancing Liveability in Geraldton

An Active Lifestyle

The main purpose of Why Not Wednesday is to get people of all ages more physically active and to help protect the environment through green travel practices. Doing these routines will promote healthier and more active lifestyles for everyone. Through this unique Active Travel program, the liveability of the community as a whole will increase.

The program is simple in practice. Participants pledge to travel to work, school, stores or social gatherings in safe and environmentally friendly ways. These methods include cycling, walking, skating or even taking the city buses or carpooling. By doing these things, they are rewarded by local businesses with free items on the particular day of the week.

The Vision

The idea and vision behind this program is equally as simple, yet can have a profound impact on a community. Throughout the state and country, people tend to become, on average, more out of shape, unhappy and reliant on destructive forms of technology. There is enough evidence to support that being active ultimately reduces stress and promotes health and happiness.

That is the vision behind Why Not Wednesday. By helping people become more active, they will be healthier and happier—the whole community will benefit and, hopefully, even areas outside of the community.

Great Liveability

Liveability can be a standard for you to judge a city and decide if you would want to live there. In Geraldton, programs like Why Not Wednesday promote great liveability in the community by getting people more active and promoting healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles. By becoming part of this community, you too can experience these effects and become healthier and happier yourself.

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