Why Invest in Geraldton Heights Estate?

We offer house and land packages in Geraldton Heights Estate, a master planned land estate which will eventually include 2,500 homes. As expected, we have had a lot of families, people looking for seachange and first home buyers among our homebuyer base. What we didn’t expect: small property investors.

Property investors love Geraldton Heights Estate for a lot of reasons. Here are a few.

Why Invest in Geraldton Heights Estate

Great Value

If you live in Perth and see one of our 2,000 sqm blocks priced at $129,000, you may think it is a misprint. In the Perth market, this land would cost more than $1 million. You can build a family sized home on a lifestyle block for less than what a 500 sqm block would cost in many Perth suburbs.

Amenities and Infrastructure

Geraldton Heights Estate is less than ten minutes from the Geraldton CBD and the Indian Ocean. Sunset Plaza Shopping Centre is only five minutes away. In addition, we plan a Town Centre with shopping and medical facilities, along with schools and parks, right here in Geraldton Heights Estate.

The Geraldton Economy

Geraldton is rapidly becoming known as a “hotspot” for property investors. This is because land is still a bargain while the economy is growing.

It is also the hub of the Mid West region. The Mid West combines a thriving coastal area with a fertile, resource-rich inland area. The coast is a mecca for tourists and a service centre between Perth and the rest of the Mid West. The inland area is a hotbed of agriculture and there are still plenty of resources to be mined when the resource industry begins to grow again.

Projected Growth

Within 50 years, population in the Mid West and Geraldton is expected to double. Geraldton is perfectly positioned as a major port for Australian imports and exports to Asia. Geraldton is expected to be a key centre for service and technology for the Mid West, the Northern regions of WA and Asia.

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