What’s Hot at Geraldton Heights Estate: July 2016

Geraldton Heights is THE premier real estate development in the Mid West. We have been extremely successful from the first few blocks of property we made available. We are currently on Stage 3 of development, with Stage 1 fully sold out. Here is a look at what we have available for July 2016.

Stage 2

In Stage 2, we have two blocks left. Lot 80 is 2,028 m2 and is selling for $129,000. Lot 93 is 2,000 m2 and is also selling for $129,000.

Stage 3A

In Stage 3A, lots 41-44 are 2,000 m2 and are selling for $129,000 each. Lot 47 and Lots 75-79 are all 2,028 m2 and available for $129,000 each.

Stage 3B

In Stage 3B, a total of 19 blocks are available for $129,000 each. They range in area from 2,028 m2 to a huge 2,164 m2. If you want the larger blocks, act soon. It’s first come, first served.

Geraldton Real Estate Development for July 2016

About Geraldton Heights Estate

Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community that will eventually contain 2,500 homes. It consists of large lifestyle blocks 2,000 m2 or larger. Geraldton Heights Estate is elevated, overlooking the Geraldton CBD to the Indian Ocean.

Geraldton Heights Estate has become a popular destination for people from Perth looking for a seachange lifestyle but with a vibrant economy. Geraldton is a shipping hub for the Mid West and has its own infrastructure but the Estate will also have its own as it nears completion, with a Town Centre, shopping, schools, medical facilities and parks with walking paths and bike paths.

Thanks to Geraldton’s forward-thinking council, Geraldton is expanding, especially on the foreshore and in the CBD. Geraldton has an international reputation as a watersports destination, with world class swimming, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, fishing and boating.

Plenty of Geraldton Heights Land for Sale

If you tried to buy a lifestyle block as large as 2,000 m2 in Perth, it would cost at least $1.2 million. Take advantage of Geraldton Heights Estate while prices are still low. Call us today: (08) 6500 4488.