What is FIVE Geraldton and How Does It Affect the Community?

As a real estate developer in Geraldton, we are often asked what makes this city worth the investment. Well, the city of Geraldton is known for promoting activities that enhance its community as a whole. They do this because they want to make the city the best it can be for its residents and visitors.

The FIVE Geraldton Movement

One of the newest programs that is sure to enhance the city’s culture is called Five Geraldton. This two-year program is based on the principles of creating and promoting the arts and enhancing people’s self-expression through cultural activities.

Facilitating the Arts

The main focus of the FIVE Geraldton movement is the creation and facilitation of arts. The artworks that will be created through this program are meant to show off aspects of the community, thereby granting it a stronger identity. Some examples include images of common leisure activities and local landmarks for the people of Geraldton.

To aid in this endeavour, well-known artists will support some major projects. Performance artist Hiromi Tango will be working on a large-scale sculpture and Craig Walsh, a well-known digital artist will contribute to collective works about community life in our city. Both of these will be done with the support of Geraldton residents.

Crossing Boundaries

The FIVE Geraldton program is not a completely exclusive concept and similar programs are also being executed in four other Western Australian cities. This is all being done in partnership with DADAA and Rio Tinto, other cultural organisations. This project will link the five cities together in something and provide more unity across the state.

The true beauty of FIVE Geraldton and its siblings however is the fact that all members of the community are participating. Local residents, visitors, FIFO workers, Aboriginal members of the community, farmers and young adults are all encouraged to and are taking part in creating something that will boost the city’s culture.

Artistic Vision

The FIVE Geraldton is a visionary program that aims to provide a stronger sense of identity to the city through art and culture. The final exhibition is on May 8, but in the time leading up to the exhibition, members of all aspects of the community will work together with well-known professionals to craft art that exemplifies their community.

To learn more about and become part of this community, please call (08) 9301 4445.