Tourist Attractions in and around Geraldton WA

For a small town, Geraldton has a lot of great tourist attractions. It’s a major part of the reason why 4Land Property Group chose Geraldton as a location to offer property for sale. There is a lot to see and do in Geraldton, and some very nice places that reflect the culture and heritage of Geraldton.

Maritime history buffs will want to take a sail on the Batavia Longboat Replica, or maybe visit the Shipwrecks Gallery, located at Western Australian Museum Geraldton. The Replica is there under the aegis of the not for profit Batavia Coast Longboat Replica Association, which holds a public sailing session on every Sunday of the month except the first one.

The Central Greenough Historic Settlement is a collection of buildings that were built between 1863 and 1913, and have now been taken under the wing of the National Trust of Australia. Though there are a few modern conveniences, it’s almost like taking a trip back in time.

The Chapman Valley Historical Society Museum is 26 km from Geraldton, but it’s definitely worth the drive. It is much like the settlement, except that the buildings aren’t in use, and there is a lot of old farm machinery on display, along with household items of bygone eras. There are also a lot of displays with stories and photographs of local history.

The Greenough Museum is in a large, two-storey house which has been restored and preserved for posterity. The house was built for John Maley, who was known by the honorable title of “King of the Greenough Flats,” and was a hotel proprietor, storekeeper, miller, and entrepreneur who still found time to father 14 children. The museum is a sort of “time capsule” that extends from the aboriginal area to now.

On a solemn note, the HMAS Sydney II memorial commemorates the 645 Australian sailors who lost their lives off of the WA coast during a battle with Germany’s HSK Kormoran. Both ships were found in March 2008 by the Finding Sydney Foundation.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage was built for the Geraldton lighthouse keeper and his family in 1876. It is made of random, white washed limestone rubble walls, covered by its only concession to age, a corrugated metal roof.

Geraldton is a lot more than just real estate.