Thinking about House and Land Packages in Geraldton? Read This!

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we have gotten together with our builder partners to help home buyers put together some of the most affordable house and land packages in Geraldton. We have land blocks for sale starting as low as $129,000. However, as easy and affordable as we have made it, there are some essential things you must know when making the decision on where to buy.


We chose our location the same way we always do: family friendly, lots of amenities nearby and the potential for long term capital growth. We are in an elevated location overlooking the Geraldton CBD to the Indian Ocean. The estate is located ten minutes away from schools, shopping, medical facilities and all the amenities Geraldton has to offer.

Thinking about House and Land Packages in Geraldton


Make sure you know all of the costs involved before signing the bottom line. Talk to your builder about your purpose for building. Is it an investment property? Is it for your family? How many kids do you plan to have? Do you like to entertain guests? Make sure your home will fall within your budget while fulfilling your needs.

Core Needs

There are a lot of details that need to be considered. Are utilities already installed? Do you have great road access to the CBD? Is your property encumbered by covenants or easements?

The Land Block

Has your land block been levelled to make construction easier and less expensive? Is it elevated high enough so that it isn’t going to flood every time it rains?


Make sure you have all necessary permits. Our builder partners are great at this and know everything you need to have. Sometimes, a homeowner will want features or dimensions that aren’t allowed by local council. Make sure that you can build what you want on your land block.

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