Things to Do with Your Children in Family-Friendly Geraldton

In case you haven’t noticed, real estate is not nearly as expensive in Geraldton as it is in Perth, WA. Besides having lower costs of living, Geraldton is extremely family friendly. It already has a great reputation as a sea change destination, but that doesn’t tell all of the story when it comes to finding great things to do with your children. Here are some of our favourites.

Things to Do with Your Children in Family-Friendly Geraldton

The Geraldton Foreshore is on the Indian Ocean, only a short walk from the town centre. It was recently redeveloped with plans for work to continue. There are such amenities as a water park, pontoons, playgrounds, a BBQ facility and a cycleway, in addition to the beach. It is easy to spend the whole day at the Foreshore, and a lot of Geraldton residents spend many of their days there.

The Greater Geraldton Regional Library

The Greater Geraldton Regional Library is a state of the art library with nine computers offering free Internet access. It was finished in 2010 as part of the redevelopment. It offers events for children such as Rhyme Time and Story Time. It also has a children’s book section and a teen book section.

Western Australian Museum

The Western Australian Museum is a great place to learn about Western Australia’s rich history. It includes historical displays on four shipwrecks found off of the region’s coast: the Gilt Dragon, Batavia, Zeewijk and Zuytdorp.

There are also displays of early Yamaji culture and history, ancient landforms, marine environment and the region’s natural landscapes. There is a wealth of information on how European settlement and exploration affected the mining, fishing, agriculture and science industries.


The Greater Geraldton Aquarena is a multi-purpose swimming facility. It offers a 50m outdoor swimming pool, a 25m indoor pool, a leisure pool, hydrotherapy facilities and a water slide. There are also group exercise classes and learn to swim classes for all ages.

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