The Shining City of Geraldton

There are a number of cities in Western Australia with great land developments, but none offer the same great opportunities as Geraldton Heights Estate! A rising star of a city, Geraldton is known for its water and nature tourism, as well as a thriving economy due to said tourism, as well as fishing, mining, and farming. The real estate market in Geraldton is also performing well due to the strong local economy and its pristine location.

Situated on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean, near Champion Bay, this City features beautiful beaches and a pleasant

climate. Being only about a four to five hour drive from Perth, Geraldton avoids the harsher heat of summer experienced by many locations further north in the State. Even in the hottest months of the


year, the cool sea breeze keeps temperatures moderate and enjoyable whilst winters are quite mild. This unique climate makes it a popular tourist destination, in fact it is one of the most popular WA tourism destinations during the wintertime.

A popular getaway for the nearby farmers and miners, the city has a total population of approximately 20,000. The last figure regarding population was taken from the 2011 census and was a twelve percent boost from the previous census five years earlier. In terms of residents, Geraldton has an average range of ages, although the number of renters is slightly higher than the average for the rest of the country, primarily due to the fact that many miner families live here temporarily in order to work nearby.

As mentioned, the population of Geraldton is on the rise and is expected to reach an estimated total of 50,000 within the next thirteen years. This is not only due to the stunning climate and location, but also due to the various projects currently in place to make it the best city possible, including the proposed Oakajee Port development, which will be a crowning accomplishment when it is eventually built.

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