The Perfect Geraldton Venue for that Big Day

Whether a long-time resident or new to your property in Geraldton, if you live in the city now, most of your everyday needs and wants are probably met within the city’s bounds. When it comes to things that are more than everyday needs, things that happen possibly only once in a lifetime, Geraldton still contains exactly what you need.

Newly Wed

To say a woman’s wedding day is an exciting and joyful time for her would be an understatement. However, this could also be a rather stressful time due to all of the planning and coordinating that is involved in preparing for a wedding ceremony.

At 4Land Property Group, we are proud of our real estate development outside of Geraldton, we have talked with the locals to find out who does the best job of everything; and as we’re selling house and land packages in Geraldton, we happen to know of a number of great locations and services to make that special day easier.

We know that making sure that everything is perfect for that special day can be tough, but there are a number of solutions within Geraldton itself. When it comes to preparing for the ceremony, finding a service to help coordinate everything and make sure it runs smoothly is definitely a worthwhile investment.

One company that does this is Tinkerbell Weddings. Providing almost everything that one would need for a wedding, including all kinds of decorations, they also allow room for the couple to add personal touches that they would like to. They can also provide a friendly staff to help out at the ceremony and take care of anything that you don’t have to so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest.

A location is also important when planning for a wedding. While services like Tinkerbell can help you in selecting the perfect venue, it wouldn’t be too hard to find one yourself – with a little help, perhaps.

Besides Geraldton’s beautiful beaches, there are a number of other possible venues, such as the Foreshore, Queens Park Theatre Gardens, Batavia Coast Marina, and Lavender Valley Farm. If that big day is approaching, we’d love to have those memories made in a city equally as beautiful.

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