The Health Benefits of a Well-Planned Neighbourhood

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life but did you know that where you live can influence your health? It is obvious that the climate can improve your health in certain cases, such as warm weather on cold bones, but the very neighbourhood in which you live can also provide you with excellent health benefits. Studies have shown that neighbourhoods that are well planned out and contain easily manoeuvrable walkways make for healthier living and a happier lifestyle.

Health Benefits of a Well-Planned Neighbourhood by Geraldton Property Team

The Better Choice

According to a recent study, 45% of people who own or are looking for a home consider having plenty of walkways around the neighbourhood as a very important factor when making a decision to move somewhere. This includes having a local park within walking distance to their home.

Parks are an important part of any development because they provide a number of opportunities for families. Not only do they provide beautiful scenery to the place in which people call home, but they also give the children a place to play and have fun. This makes the park a great place for family bonding and a place to exercise for people of all ages. It’s no wonder then that so many people place high importance in having one around!

Greater Mobility

More than half of all people who are looking for homes have also indicated that having a well-planned series of sidewalks, footpaths and bike trails is also an important factor in deciding whether they should move to a certain location or neighbourhood. Access to a park is important, but having decent walkways for exercise are even more indispensable.

Having greater mobility in the form of walkways means greater accessibility to any place in the neighbourhood, be it the homes of friends and neighbours or a local shop. Sidewalks make it possible for the residents to get around the development much easier, be it on foot or by bike. It also makes it easier for people to get to places of public transportation, such as bus stops, which gives them an even greater range of mobility.

It’s More Fun to Walk

Those are the practical reasons why someone would want to move into a neighbourhood that has many paths and walkways, but there are a number of health benefits as well that make such a development very attractive.

Having a system of sidewalks and bike paths around the neighbourhood encourages people to go outside and exercise more. People are far more likely to go on daily walks and bike rides if there are plenty of places to walk on. Exercising daily is vital to maintaining good health and has innumerable benefits to a person’s body, all of which are encouraged by a network of walkways.

Health Benefits

Walking daily is great for one’s health and has a vast amount of benefits. To begin with, walking, like any cardio exercise, strengthens the heart and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease. This is important especially for people who are getting older or are predisposed to certain diseases. As you might expect, walking daily also burns calories and is therefore good for keeping weight in check or shedding off a few extra pounds. Brisk walking also can help tone leg muscles for better definition.

Contrary to what many think, walking and other mobile exercises will boost the amount of energy that you have. This is because when you are active, blood is flowing faster, delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to different parts of your body. In addition, endorphins or “happy hormones” are also flowing, enhancing your mood. All in all, being active promotes a healthy lifestyle and living in a neighbourhood that provides exercise opportunities is important to achieve this.

Well-Planned, Well-Fit

There are many factors that people consider when they think about moving into a certain place and how the location or neighbourhood will affect their health should certainly be one of them. When it comes to healthy living, a few places match the health benefits that a well-planned neighbourhood provides because they are equipped with many and properly placed walkways, sidewalks and bike paths.

Not only do these infrastructures provide easy access to local parks, homes, shops and public transportation stops, but they also encourage a healthy lifestyle. People who use these walkways daily receive great health benefits such as better cardiovascular health and stronger bones, ensuring that a healthy life is to be had by those who live near and make use of these walkways in planned neighbourhoods.

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