The Golden City of Opportunity

If you are thinking about opening up a small business or currently own one and want to expand your horizons, then investing in real estate in Geraldton might be exactly what you need. Geraldton is a city on the rise with new people moving there every day.

Small Business in Geraldton Land

This type of boom might be exactly the bolster your business needs to get off the ground or soar to new heights.

What is most interesting about Geraldton as a city is that it is more of a small town than an actual city. As such, its heart and soul is the people that live in it and its economy, with the exception of various tourist and mining and industrial interests, runs on local, family-owned businesses.

Already in Geraldton is anything that you may need as a citizen – education, stores, restaurants, recreational activities and more. However, being its size means that there is always room for development.

If you were to open up a small business in Geraldton, there are many residents who would patronise as most are in the mindset to support local business. And with real estate on the rise, the number of people are growing too. Any kind of business would be welcome since there are so many opportunities to take advantage of, including fishing, tourism, food and educational programs.

If you already have a business, relocating to Geraldton might be in your best interest also. It’s only about 424 kilometres north of Perth, which would be worth the costs of relocation to eventually turn over a bigger profit.

Even if you don’t own a business of your own, Geraldton has many opportunities for employment and to further your career. With more people and businesses moving to the city, shops and facilities need employees to make sure that everything runs smoothly. If you were to buy a property and move to the city, it would be relatively easy to find a good job that you could support yourself on and possibly make a career out of.

With all of the opportunities in our city, we’d love to add you to our family. For more information about how you can use house and land packages in Geraldton to help your small business, please call (08) 9301 4445.