The Future Developments of Geraldton

Of all the great towns and cities on the western coast of Australia, none have quite the same charm that Geraldton possesses. With a growing population, the City of Geraldton is a rising star with beautiful, scenic surroundings and a bustling economy. Currently, the City is a hub for the industries of mining, tourism, and agriculture.Marina-Near-Port

From these beginnings, Geraldton is expected to, within the next few decades, transform itself from a simple center of commerce and tourism to a major player on the world stage for expertise and trade in all of the above mentioned fields. The government of Western Australia is pouring money into the city for various projects designed to enhance the City’s economy even further.

One of these major projects is the development of the Oakajee Port. Once construction is approved to commence, this project will expand the port as well as the entire rail lines connected to it. This will enable the port to cater easily for significantly more transport and trade of iron ore from nearby mines. Currently the project has been put on hold due to the fall in iron ore prices and the rise in costs of completion, however it is fully expected to be given the go ahead in the very near future.

Possibly the most notable new development is that of the Square Kilometre Array project. The city of Geraldton, as well as other international interests, have set out to build the world’s largest and most powerful telescope. When completed, it will be much stronger than any other instrument currently in existence, thereby allowing us to gaze into the cosmos further than ever before.

New technologies will also be implemented in other future developments. The airport park will house a new hotel as well as systems to improve aviation services. The National Broadband Network will enhance wireless technologies, communications, and, through this, social services.

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