The Cutting Edge of Sports in Geraldton

Despite being a beautiful city, not a lot of people would want to indulge in the real estate and house and land packages in Geraldton if there wasn’t something, or perhaps many interesting and exciting things in the city to do and experience once here.

Couple Exercising
While some people prefer to take things easy for their leisure, there are some that prefer to be more active with their extra time. For these people, is there anything in Geraldton that caters to their need for adventure?

There are a number of exciting activities to engage in within the city of Geraldton. For those that love sports and exercising activities, this is definitely the place for you.

One of the most popular sporting activities in Geraldton, being a coastal city, is diving and the Batavia Coast Dive Academy is there to promote that. Fully accredited and known throughout WA, they provide the equipment for any diving adventure. Even if you’ve never been diving before, they have a number of training courses to get you on your feet and below the water.

For those who prefer land sports, the Geraldton Junior and Senior Motocross Club is here to fulfil your need for speed. An organisation dedicated to the sport of motocross, both newcomers and veterans alike join together to compete in races, enhance their skills and have fun.

The Midwest Enduro and Trail Riders Club is a similar, yet different, sport for the extreme. Riding motorcycles through woods and paths, they welcome any newcomers to the sport and form solidarity in their love for riding.

While not exactly an extreme sport, golf has its place among unique sports and Spalding Park Golf Club is one of the best in the area to play. With magnificent scenery and tricky holes, it’s sure to challenge and engage golfers of any age.

To train one’s body as well as mind and spirit, the Geraldton Karate Academy is here to help. With classes for all ages, they have skillful masters who will teach and help you perfect the martial art.

If you are interested in Geraldton and thinking about moving there, we strongly urge you to consider Geraldton Heights Estate, which offers affordable house and land packages. Situated in a prime location close to many attractions and activities, the Estate is a great place to live. Now you can also own your dream property in this thriving regional city.

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