The Community Speaks on Geraldton’s Developments

Democracy was founded on the principles of each citizen of a city or state putting in their word to help their government function the way it should. The city of Geraldton gets right to the core of what this means by allowing each person to have a say in how the community develops. This concept is exemplified in the “What do you want?” forum talks that have taken place, giving community members the chance to speak out about how their city should be controlled.

As a developer offering land as well as house and land packages in Geraldton, we believe that it is our duty to tell everyone what the city is all about, including how it is run. Here are some details of the community forum.

Geraldton Community Forum Talks

Key Issues

The “What do you want?” forum is part of the larger scope of participatory budgeting meetings that put ordinary citizens in decision-making positions so that they can work together to solve local problems affecting the budget. The appropriation of city funds is always a contentious issue and most people have firm opinions on how the money should be spent.

Other questions that the panel usually goes over involve the everyday workings of the city that some may not regularly think about. These issues include the opening hours of the library, Aquarena service, and landscaping funding. All of the 39 services the city offers are being assessed during these meetings.

Varying Opinions

While these meetings are great for garnering the viewpoints of the people, there is one minor problem that seems to be permeating: people are having trouble coming up with a consensus. After reviewing some of the city’s services and budget, some believe that everything is working great as is. In contrast, others believe that cuts can be made for unnecessary services to make the budget more efficient.

It is only natural that people would have varying opinions and it doesn’t negate the tact of this program. When all is said and done, the true viewpoints of all Geraldton residents will be heard.

Talking It Out

The city of Geraldton has initiated a series of “What do you want?” talks designed to gather the opinions of all citizens and apply them to how the city spends its budget and manages its services. These talks have attained some success in bringing people together and placing the power in the voices of the people and will continue to as time goes on.

To learn more about the Geraldton community and joining it, call (08) 9301 4445.


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