The Benefits to Moving Away from the Big City

Each person has their own preference as to where they decide to live. Some choose to take up a more calming life in the countryside, while others tend towards the hustle and bustle of a big city. While the city life may be appealing to some, there are many benefits to leaving the skyscrapers and endless traffic behind and embracing a new lifestyle in a more rural setting.

Benefits of Moving Away from The City

One with Nature

Probably the biggest draw of rural environments is the close connection that they have with nature. You simply don’t find this in the city because buildings stand where trees used to populate. Well, big cities may have parks and other “natural” spaces but the countryside has more to offer. People who enjoy walks through nature, observe wildlife and feel the sand on the beach would much prefer rural settings.

Aside from the beauty of the countryside, there are also health benefits to moving towards nature. The air in rural areas is much cleaner since there are fewer automobiles, factories and other industrial establishments. Plus, having lush forested areas contributes to air purification, creating a healthier setting for people of all ages, especially those with health conditions that require pure air.

Building Community

Being close to nature isn’t the only advantage to living in rural neighbourhoods. In places where the population is smaller, people get to know each other more and a stronger sense of community is built; people talk more and relationships are developed.

One of the notable results is that crime rates are lower in rural areas than in cities by percentage. This means that smaller communities are safer to live in and are more socially inclusive, thus deterring the creation of gangs and actions of social deviants.

A Better Lifestyle

While some people prefer the busy city life, there are a number of benefits that make rural settings the better choice. The close proximity to forests and green areas gives the residents the chance to marvel at nature and enjoy healthier lives. Having a tight-knit community can also lead to better relationships and lower crime rates.

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