The Benefits of Moving Close to the Ocean

Oceanside living is a dream for many people and something that is sought after by many across the country and the world. However, it is more than just luxury that prompts a family to move closer to the ocean; there are a number of health and mental benefits to living near the ocean that families should be aware of to help them decide whether it’s time for a “sea change”.

Oceanside Living at Geraldton

Physical Health

Living next to the ocean can provide many different health benefits for you and your family. The first is the abundance of minerals found in seawater. Even though you aren’t drinking the water, the minerals seep into the air around the shoreline, so you can still take them in through inhalation.

Ocean water carries oxygen and plenty of iodine, which boosts the immune system and thyroid functioning. The other minerals in ocean water can also aid in various skin ailments, such as psoriasis. The ocean is also full of negative ions which are brought to you by a sea breeze. This cancels out some of the positive ions, or free radicals, created by electronic devices, which can cause health problems.

Mental Health

While seawater physiologically reacts with chemicals in your brain to reduce stress, the soothing effects of living by the ocean are not so complex. The sound of the waves moving is conducive for meditating. When listening to the ocean, even subconsciously, you can receive some of the lighter benefits of meditation due to the soothing effect of the ocean sounds.

Swimming in the ocean can help improve your health as well, partially due to the temperature. In the hot months, cool seawater can help calm down the heat, and in the winter, warmer water can soothe aches and pains.

Are You Ready for a Sea Change?

Living by the ocean is thought of as a luxury, but the health benefits are proven by science to be real. Therefore, living next to the ocean is not only highly enjoyable, but beneficial to your health and that of your family members. By moving to the shoreline, you too can receive the glorious effects of rhythmic sounds and calming breezes.

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