Technology Helps Make Geraldton a Better Place to Live

Every city has its share of problems, but it is how the problems are solved that determines what kind of place its residents will live in. While some cities have difficulty taking care of their problems, Geraldton has developed an effective system for managing anomalies through the use of technology. Specifically, their new mobile app has helped report incidents and make the city better in the past year and a half.

Helping Geraldton A Better Place with a Mobile App

The App

The usage of technology for a city cannot be better exemplified than in Geraldton’s Snap Send Solve app for mobile devices. This tool, available on any iPhone or Android devices, has helped the city tremendously by running damage control on incidents that have occurred.

Developed in 2012 in Melbourne, the app can’t prevent crimes or general lapse of right judgment, but it can report incidents to city council members. This then allows them to act upon the incidents, removing litter, graffiti, damaged pathways, parking violations and so much more. Best of all, the app is free to download, making it easy for any resident of Geraldton to use.

Snap Send Solve

Here’s how the app works: when city residents, with the app installed on their phone, notice an incident, be it vandalism or a hazardous parking job, they can take a picture of it with their device. Then, in less than 30 seconds, the user can use the Snap Send Solve app to forward the picture over to city officials.

Once they are aware of the problem, the city can respond in a relatively short amount of time. This has been proven to be an efficient system in reporting and taking care of simple city problems, making life better for all residents.

Problem Solved

Technology has taken a big role in helping make the City of Greater Geraldton a better place to live for all residents. Using the Snap Send Solve mobile app, anyone can take a picture of a commotion or violation and city officials will be able to respond promptly. This has been proven to help make the city more beautiful and liveable.

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