Stage 3A a Huge Success: These Blocks are Still Available

If you’re looking for land for sale in Geraldton, you are in the right place. Geraldton Heights Estate is the hottest land estate in Geraldton. Currently, we have huge lifestyle blocks over 2,000 sqm available for only $129,000 in Stage 3A, with Stage 3B just becoming available.

Stages 1 and 2 were a smashing success and Stage 3A is already half sold. 10 blocks are currently available for $129,000 in Stage 3A; four of them are 2,000 sqm and six are 2,028 sqm.

Available Land for Sale in Geraldton

The Secrets to Our Success

So, why do blocks of land for sale in Geraldton Heights Estate “move” so fast? There are a lot of reasons but they all stem from the main one: we do our homework, allowing us to offer great locations at low prices. Here are the results of that homework.

Geraldton Land is a Great Bargain

In Geraldton, real estate is a great bargain, especially compared with Perth. A 2,000 sqm block could cost more than $1 million in many areas of Perth. But we are able to offer fully developed, 2,000 land blocks in Geraldton for $129,000.

This is a prime example of us doing our homework. Geraldton has long been considered a “sleeping giant” by many in the real estate industry. It was already a world class city for agriculture, fishing and watersports. After the mining boom, it became the main resource industry hub in the Mid West.

While we plan on developing infrastructure within Geraldton Heights Estate, Geraldton has great infrastructure already and most of it is less than twenty minutes away. There are a plethora of tourist attractions, museums, pubs and shops.

We Work With the Best

We have a list of builder friends who are the best in the Mid West. From standard homes to fully-customised homes, our builders are known for providing high quality work at reasonable prices.

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