Safety on the Beaches: Priority for the City of Geraldton

Truly caring and good city officials want all of their residents to be happy and safe. One of the ways to promote this is by supporting local residents and non-profit organisations and the City of Greater Geraldton supports this advocacy. In fact, twice every year, the city offers various organisations the opportunity to apply for grant money.

The Grant

Last term, Round 13, safety was put first by the city as they granted money to the Geraldton Triathlon Club, which meets weekly for friendly competitions and in the pursuit of enjoyment and fitness. The past round of charity given under the Community Grants Program sponsored by the City of Greater Geraldton included $4000 that can help the club with their projects.

Triathletes - Safety on the Beaches

There was only one thing on the minds of the club’s members when they received the grant besides gratitude—safety. With the money in hand, the club decided to use it to help promote safety for all those competing, especially those by the beaches for the water events.

Rubber Ducky

With the grant money, the club purchased an Inshore Rescue Boat or IRB, commonly known as a “rubber ducky”. This device will allow officials from the club to easily and more effectively monitor the safety of all its water-bound competitors.

If any emergencies arise, they can be easily managed through this lifeboat. This is truly a great investment for the Triathlon Club who can now better ensure the safety of its members and guests. The grant provided by the City of Geraldton was a big help and officials are glad that the safety of their residents has been improved.

Safety First

Twice every year, the City of Greater Geraldton gives away grant money to a non-profit organisation for them to be able to support their cause. The Geraldton Triathlon Club was the recipient of the last round and used the money to purchase an IRB. This will allow the club to more effectively ensure and monitor the safety of those who compete in its events.

The Geraldton property team also wishes the best for residents of the city. To learn how you can become a Geraldton resident, call (08) 9301 4445.