Residents and Visitors Enjoy Free Wi-Fi Across Geraldton’s CBD

In our increasingly technological world, being connected is important to people for business, entertainment and for social media. With all of the devices that can connect us to the grid, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets, internet access in the form of Wi-Fi is essential to our everyday lives. The city of Geraldton has recognised this and in response, it has partnered with both local businesses and major corporations to provide free Wi-Fi throughout the city in the central business district.

Upgrading the System

In 2012, the challenge was thrown by a report by IBM to enhance smaller cities, more specifically the city of Geraldton, to make them more technologically accommodating. This would be part of a larger endeavour to make the city more efficient through a long-term plan.

Thus, Market Creations, Geraldton’s own local business, was appointed to lead the project of upgrading the city and fitting it with Wi-Fi hotspots to be used by all. This goal has been met with the central business district now having free Wi-Fi throughout. Hotspots are located at popular places including the Queen Elizabeth II Seniors and Community Centre and Queens Park.

Enhanced Lifestyle

What exactly does free Wi-Fi mean for the citizens and visitors of Geraldton? For starters, it means that anyone with a mobile device will have access to the internet from practically anywhere they are in the Central Business District (CBD), the core of the city. This will allow people, especially tourists and guests, to upload photos and enhance their social media connections.

The endeavour of adding free Wi-Fi is part of the larger goal of making Geraldton an “IBM Smarter City”. This means that it has a high technological basis as well as a neutral carbon footprint, making it more environmentally friendly as well.

Connection: Strong

Wi-Fi is important for many people who want to be able to readily connect for business or pleasure. With new enhancements, the CBD of Geraldton now has free Wi-Fi for everyone to use. With high recorded numbers of usage, this has already begun to make the city that much more liveable and will continue to make it a great place to live for many years to come.

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