The Pinnacle of the Midwest: Paradise Not Far from Geraldton

Our Geraldton real estate team loves to inform newcomers or those interested in a sea change about the many tourist attractions in Geraldton. One of the major attractions is called the Pinnacles Desert.

The Pinnacles Desert is located 17 km south of Geraldton and is seen by many as the area’s biggest tourist attraction. Approximately 250,000 people visit the Pinnacles Desert every year. It is approximately 190 hectares in area and is situated approximately 60 metres above sea level. The feature that gives the Pinnacles Desert its name is the presence of thousands of limestone pinnacles. Some of these pinnacles are as tall as five metres.

The Pinnacle of the Midwest: Paradise Not Far from Geraldton

The variation of soil types causes a corresponding variation of colours, creating a changing landscape that can be eerie, stunning, stark or any combination of the three depending on time of day and whether or not the sun is out. Dawn and dusk are the best times to visit; both sunrises and sunsets at the Pinnacles Desert are unforgettable.

The park has a fully sealed road that allows access by car, but caravans and trailers must be left in the car park as they can’t manage the 4 km loop that goes through the park.

How the Pinnacles were Formed

From Shark Bay most of the way to Albany, the WA coast has a “belt” of Tamala Limestone, formed by windblown calcium carbonate. When sand dunes stabilised, the rain carried calcium down into the sand. The lower layer turned into limestone and the top layer into soil.

The short version: the dunes eventually had three layers—limestone on the bottom, a hard cap in the middle and soft soil on top. Eventually, the soil and soft limestone would dissipate, leaving only the pinnacles or hard caps. This is estimated to have happened up to 80,000 years ago.

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