Passing on the Martial Arts to our Young

One of the best parts of taking advantage of the house and land packages offered by 4Land Property Group in Geraldton and choosing to become part of this great city, is the fact that there is so much to do and experience within the city. While the real estate development in Geraldton would excite newcomers and old residents alike, there are also a number of exciting activities happening around the city.

Passing on the Martial Arts to our Young

One very notable activity that is great for the whole family is learning the skills of martial arts. While parents can get involved, it’s a great idea to get their children engaged in a karate school, and Geraldton has one of the best: The Geraldton Karate Academy.

You may ask, why karate? What makes it such a great activity that my child should be involved in? The answer to that can be explained by taking into consideration what karate is all about.

It is my understanding that karate is based around two principles: training your mind and training your body. The body part is obvious in this case. Karate is an excellent and fun way to get your child into the habit of exercising, which will provide him or her with better health.

Karate being about training the mind is where it really becomes interesting. The primary principle of the martial art is that you should “Never forget that karate begins and ends with respect”. This means that the whole foundation of the art is that being respectful to one another is of the utmost importance.

What more important principle could you help pass on to the youth? The mentors at the Geraldton Karate Academy strongly believe in this, along with other moral principles, and try their best to impart it to their students. Combined with traditional etiquette, they will learn discipline and finesse, strengthening mind, body and spirit.

Those worried that karate classes might promote violence needn’t do so. Another strong point of karate lessons is that it is only to be used in self-defence, another useful skill to have. All in all, karate would be a wonderful thing to help your child grow and have fun in the process.


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