Northgate Shopping Centre: a Big City Amenity with Small Town Charm

When people from out of town call to enquire about our house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate, one of the first things many ask about is shopping. People love the idea of the seachange lifestyle, but many are afraid that they won’t be able to shop at their favourite places or have access to the things they like anymore.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And one of our favourite resources is the Northgate Shopping Centre. Northgate Shopping Centre offers 34 different businesses, including stores, restaurants, banks, hairdressers and optical. It is large enough to provide a great selection, but not so large that it seems impersonal.

Northgate Shopping Centre in Geraldton

Northgate is the perfect size for a city like Geraldton, where the pace of living isn’t nearly as fast as it is in Perth. People in Geraldton are relaxed and friendly. When people from large cities and more stressful environments come to Northgate, they notice the relaxed atmosphere immediately.

Northgate is anchored by two large stores: Target and Coles. They are a perfect match for each other: Target carries a wide supply of non-food items such as clothing, electronics and housewares, while you can find everything you are looking for in the way of groceries at Coles.

Northgate has ATM’s from two banks, Westpac and Bankwest, while NAB has a branch office there. You may also like Spendless Shoes, Optimal Pharmacy, Zamel’s, Under the Sun and EB Games. Escape Travel can help you with all of your vacation needs. While there are no upscale restaurants, Burger Jack’s and Wendy’s have enough to tide you over.

Northgate Shopping Centre is just one of many places for you to shop in Geraldton. It is a great place to get a lot of shopping done if you don’t feel like going to the beach or walking around and checking out the great shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants in the Geraldton CBD.

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