New Tourist Attraction for Geraldton

Geraldton not only features affordable living and plenty of land for sale, it also features plenty of tourist attractions. The newest one is a wind farm called Mumbida. The wind farm is seen by many as “back to the future” of energy: a variation and expansion of the windmill.

New Tourist Attraction for Geraldton

Mumbida Wind Farm offers visitors the opportunity to see one of the modern design wind turbine blades up close. The blades look small when seen from a distance, but many visitors are stunned to see how large the blades actually are from a closer view. The blade is accompanied by what they call “interpretative signage” that explains how wind farms work and provide interesting facts about Mumbida and about wind farming.

The wind farm is located at the Renewable Energy Hub of the City of Greater Geraldton on Walkaway-Nangetty Road at the crest of the escarpment. The wind farm was officially opened back in September of 2013 but the blade and signage were officially donated to the City of Greater Geraldton on 8 July of this year.

Mumbida Wind Farm was developed as a joint venture by Infrastructure Capital Group and Synergy. It is located 40 km south east of Geraldton and has 22 turbines that stand a full 85 metres tall. The energy created by the wind farm is sold to the Water Corporation and is used to fund energy costs for the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant.

The 55 MW wind farm cost $200 million to develop. The blades are 48.7 metres in length and consist of 905 tonnes of fibreglass each.

What Mumbida Means to You

Not only is the City of Greater Geraldton “going green”, they are doing it in a creative and useful way. Mumbida harnesses the power of the wind and then uses it to turn ocean water into drinkable, life-sustaining water.

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