Why New Estates are a Great Opportunity for Investors

There is a lot of land for sale in Geraldton and the land in master planned estates represents one of the best opportunity for investors to turn a very nice profit. In the case of Geraldton Heights Estate, we feel that our plan to eventually have 2,500 homes and an infrastructure that includes schools, medical facilities, shopping and a town centre provides the perfect opportunity for long term capital growth.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in new estates.

New Estates are a Great Opportunity for Investors

Capital Growth

For the reasons mentioned above, new estates usually produce better capital growth than established homes. While new estates don’t represent a great opportunity for “flipping”, they do represent the perfect scenario for someone who wants to amass a decent portfolio and profit on long term capital growth.


Many estates are built around a lifestyle such as sea change, a wine region or a golf course. Ours is built around sea change, easy beach access and all of the attractions that Geraldton has to offer.

Early Pricing

If you buy before the infrastructure is in place, the starting prices are usually much lower than what the land will eventually cost. The point of capital growth is to “buy low and sell high”. Getting in before the infrastructure is built provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Design Guidelines

While we allow a degree of flexibility to ensure that you can build your “dream home”, we also have design guidelines that ensure high community standards. You will never have to worry about someone building a substandard home that deteriorates the neighbourhood or brings prices down. Our standards simply won’t allow it.

Everything is Brand New

Every facility or service and every subsequent piece of infrastructure will be brand new.


A new estate brings a sense of community and camaraderie. You will be proud to be a part of Geraldton Heights Estate.

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