Looking for Seachange? You’ll Love These Geraldton Cafes!

One of the reasons people from Perth are buying house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate is because they are looking for a seachange. If you are used to the hustle and bustle of Perth, you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out what it’s like in Geraldton.

One of the better features of Geraldton is the numerous cafés. Nothing says “relaxed, informal lifestyle” like a café near the water in Geraldton. Here are some of Geraldton’s favourite cafés.

Barnacles on the Wharf

Barnacles on the Wharf is a “food bar”. They are in the City of Greater Geraldton, at the wharf. They serve plenty of local dishes along with traditional favourites such as homemade cakes, prawns and fish and chips. A lot of tourists and locals use Barnacles on the Wharf as a starting point before they venture to the Abrolhos Islands.

Geraldton Cafes

Breakers Bar and Café

Breakers Bar and Café is located in the Geraldton CBD, two short blocks from the ocean. It is more ambitious than Barnacles, serving a large menu containing steak, chicken, seafood and much more. In addition, their bar is open late every night with a full range of beer, wine and spirits.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Breakers “transforms into Geraldton’s premier entertainment venue.” Music can consist of local bands, DJ’s or traveling bands.

Dome Café Geraldton

The Dome Café Geraldton has been in business since 2011, but their owners have been in business for twenty years. Their mission is to find, prepare and serve the best coffees in the world. They are faux-Euro and they do it perfectly: comfortable leather chairs, domed ceilings and wood paneling. They have gone out of their way to produce a perfect replication of the customer experience at an “old world European brasserie cafe.”

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