Looking For a Perfect New Home? Meet Our Builder Friends.

So far, Geraldton Heights Estate has been a smashing success. Our house and land packages are some of the most high demand housing in the Geraldton area. As developers of numerous successful communities in the Perth area, we know what it takes to succeed, and we have repeated those steps here.

Geraldton Heights Estate Property

But we are also smart enough to know that our builder friends have played an important role in making Geraldton Heights Estate such a prestigious property. We would like to introduce you to our builder friends.

Big Sky Display Home in Geraldton Heights Estate

Redink Homes

Builder Scott Park chose “red ink” as a symbol for one of his most cherished ethics: encouraging the client to make revisions or changes to their home plans in red ink. Scott felt that too many builders were discouraging changes and demanding that their clients adhere strictly to their basic plans. Redink Homes encourages you to make all of the changes you want because they know you will be truly happy with the result.

Big Sky Developments

Award-winning Big Sky Developments offers a full custom design service. Their motto is “Create. Build. Enjoy.” They also offer standard homes for those who aren’t as adventurous.

Big Sky Developments built an outstanding display home in Geraldton Heights Estate – please feel free to pop in and have a look. (See attached photo)

Country Builders

Country Builders is one of the largest builders in WA. They have a stunning array of unique designs. Though they are large, they employ all local tradies and staff. They combine the resources of a large firm with the attention and customer service of a small company.

Plunkett Homes

Plunkett Homes has been in the industry for over 110 years. They have been serving Geraldton for more than 20 years. They pride themselves on knowing “the lay of the land” or what features and designs best fit the block they are working with.

Shane Crothers Homes

Shane Crothers Homes has been in the Mid West since 1997. They offer attention to details, high quality workmanship and customer service that receives rave reviews from a legion of satisfied customers.

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