What to Look For in a Great Builder

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we offer blocks of land for sale and allow you to choose your own builder. We have a list of our builder partners on the site. They were chosen because they all pass our “what constitutes a great builder” criteria. Here are the essential qualities that we feel any builder must have to provide a high quality home that you will love to live in.

What to Look For in a Great Builder

A Documented Track Record of Success

We know that even the most successful builders “had to start somewhere”, but do you want to entrust your “dream home” where you may spend the rest of your life to a neophyte “builder”? Insisting on a track record of successful projects protects you from two bleak scenarios: a fly by night company disappearing with your money before the project is completed and a substandard house that becomes a “money pit”.

You want a builder who has successfully completed a lot of projects and who has a lot of satisfied customers. Let someone else take a chance on the newbies.

Understanding Your Needs

Many builders insist on working from an inflexible template. While templates are fine, the builder must also remain flexible enough to use it as a starting point for those who need more than the same home everyone else gets.

Professional and Reliable

Your builder must show up and provide quality work on a regular basis and finish your home on schedule. You should also expect professional conduct at all times. A great way to know whether a builder is professional or not is to ask for testimonials and ask to talk to their satisfied customers.

Also, find some other projects the company is working and visit one, both during and after their workday. Is the construction site organised or messy? Are construction materials covered up at the end of the day or left to the elements?

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