Local Community Groups Unite

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from because in Geraldton there is always a place for everyone. Whatever your interests, hobby and preferences, we have a number of community groups designed to make you feel at home in your new city home.

 A group dedicated to the Birdwood Military Museum meets together on the site. If you are a fan of the military, war history, or is a veteran yourself, this would be the group for you.woman

The Centacare Volunteer Service is an organisation whose mission is to help out other charity organisations. This is the perfect place to reach out to others in the community and make new friends while working towards specific goals.

Centacare has Young Mums and Bubs Playgroup that brings young mothers and their children closer together.

 For the slightly more adventurous types, the Coral Coast Dive Club goes on diving trips off the coast of Geraldton and other places in Australia. They even offer training programs if you are unsure of how to dive properly or want to get into the field.

If that isn’t enough and you’d like to participate in high speed activities, there’s the Geraldton Motocross Club.  They can cater to your need for speed or to your thrill for adventure. Coaching and practises are encouraged.

Similarly, the Midwest Enduro & Trail Riders Club is a competitive organisation that enjoys nature and motorcycles.

The Geraldton Toy Library is operated through the good will of its volunteers, and allows parents and children to bond while delighting over the 600+ toys they have in their collection. They’ll be glad to have you join them in fostering the inner child in others.

For the more disciplined, the Geraldton Karate Academy follows its guidelines of respect and determination. Learn to become a master and make great friends in the process.

The Soroptimist International group is an organisation of professional business women. The members of the Geraldton assembly support each other in their endeavours.

If you enjoy singing, then Sing Australia Geraldton division is the place for you to be. They take anyone in, even those who don’t sing too well because their prime goal is to have fun in what they’re doing.

Each of these groups would love to have you and welcome you fully into our family.

For more information on Geraldton’s community groups, please visit the website at http://everythinggeraldton.com/.


  1. Elise Blackwell says:

    I’m interested in being part of both Centacare Volunteer Service and The Soroptimist International group. Would you be able to provide me with more details of when you meet and what you do?

    Thank you,
    Elise Blackwell