Leading Role of Community in Geraldton Development

Political philosophers and scientists have promoted for centuries that the best kind of government is one that is ruled by the people. Even cities can benefit from having their own people take up a leading role in deciding its destiny. The City of Greater Geraldton has executed this very philosophy and because of their somewhat revolutionary #changesCGGcommunity Program, average citizens have taken a larger role in deciding how the city should be run, specifically how the budget should be appropriated.

Leading Role of Community in Geraldton Development

The Community Panel

In an effort to increase the involvement of the community in making citywide decisions, the #changesCGG program takes a random collection of Geraldton citizens and allows them, in planned budgetary meetings, to speak out for what they believe is in the best interest of the city.

This is a great new program as the needs of the people are now being met in a more profound way than they ever had been. This is primarily because the city’s budget is now being appropriated in the exact way that the people want it, cutting out things that are unnecessary and adding things that make life better as a citizen.

Discretionary Services

Sometimes the language used in law-making and budget-deciding can be confusing. One of the words that appears frequently in the books is ‘discretionary’. City lingo aside, this word is related to anything that the city provides that is not legally mandatory. So besides water, health, roads and other necessary things, discretionary features might include the support of the arts, child care and sports.

The exact functions that the city supports in its budget are important to the citizens and all are grateful for these discretionary services. With all of the fun and festivities provided, citizens can enjoy a happy lifestyle in the city they love.

Community development

The #changesCGG program is meant to increase transparency and increase community involvement in both major and minor city budget decisions. Though it is far from complete, there has been huge success in having the average citizens help decide not only what the city needs, but what the people want to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle for all.

To learn how to become a part of this Geraldton community, call (08) 9301 4445.