Keep Your Home Cool this Summer While Saving Money

If you decide to purchase one of the many possible house and land packages that can be put together with our builder partners in Geraldton Heights Estate, you will be off to a great start at keeping a home cool in the summer. You know your home will have air conditioning. In addition, our builder partners have access to better technology than when many established homes were built.

Energy Efficient Geraldton Home

An energy-efficient home with central air will definitely get you a leg up on keeping your home cool without spending too much for electricity. But did you know there are other actions you can take to keep your home cool and save money?

Draw Your Northern Blinds

Direct sun rays partially convert into heat when they pass through your window. Keeping direct sunlight from entering your home will keep your home cooler.

Open Your Home at Night

If you can do it without compromising security, open your screens at night and let nature cool your home. The net cost of natural cooling: zero.

Decrease Oven Use

As you may have noticed, the oven brings heat into your home. You may want to seriously consider sauté recipes and salads over the summer.

Replace Halogen Lights

Halogen lights also create heat. Using LED lights takes less energy and produces less heat. You win twice.

Decrease Dishwasher and Clothes Dryer Use

These two appliances create a lot of heat, especially the clothes dryer. Even when properly ventilated, the dryer still creates a lot of heat. Use the clothes line more and the dryer less. You could also consider washing more dishes by hand.

Make Sure Your Home is Sealed

With a new home, this is usually a lot less of an issue. Everything is perfect and it is under warranty. But if there is any space where heat can move through your walls, doors or windows, get them repaired.

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