Is a Bushfire Sprinkler System Right for Your Home?

In 2009, a devastating bushfire swept across parts of Western Australia, causing massive damage and unsettling many who lived in nearby areas. After these events, there began an increase in the amount people spent in security to protect themselves from this kind of natural disaster. One way many have prepared is to install bushfire sprinkler systems into their homes. The question is: “Is this type of system right for you?”

Property Team in Geraldton on Bushfire Safety

Knowing the Risks

Not all homes are equally at risk for bushfire damage. Depending on a number of factors, certain homes may be more vulnerable to fire than others are. If your home is near areas of mild to heavy vegetation, bushfires will spread more easily, using the plants as means to travel on.

In addition, climatic factors such as dryness and heat will increase the chance for fire to start and continue. If you live in a dry or hot area, your home may be at greater risk as well. Rule of thumb dictates that if your area has seen large fires before, it can happen again.

Retrofitting vs. New Home

If you are building a new home, then it may be very worthwhile to include a sprinkler protection system in your plans. If you have enough funds, you should consider adding this extra feature for it has other benefits as well, such as better internal climate control.

Flame Protection

Bushfires are a real danger for people who live in certain “at risk” areas and if you’re one of them, you want to make sure that your home is protected properly. Whether you are renovating an old home or looking to secure your new one, sprinkler systems are a great way to reduce the risk of fire.

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