Introducing Geraldton Heights Estate, Stage 1

Ray White Real Estate in Geraldton, WA, and 4Land Property Group are proud to announce the release of Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate.  4Land Property Group, located 424 km south of Geraldton in Perth, has previously launched five estates in the Perth area, and all of them almost sold out, due to their combination of prime location and prices far below comparable sites in their respective housing markets. You may expect more of the same at Geraldton Heights Estate.

Geraldton Heights is a master-planned community which currently has land for sale in Stage 1 of the Estate, divided into 2000 m2 blocks. Geraldton Heights Estate is only a 10 minute drive from the centre of Geraldton, and only minutes to Sunset Beach. The Stage 1 lots are very affordably priced from $152,000 to $165,000, and are located on the corner of Fairfax Road and Webber Road in Moresby. Stage 1 consists of 18 lots.

It is the goal of Ray White Geraldton and 4Land Property Group to make Geraldton Heights Estate the most land-for-salecompetitively priced master-planned community in the Geraldton Area. Every block in Stage 1 is green titled and provide a beautiful, elevated view, overlooking Geraldton CBD to the ocean.

We feel that the land for sale at Geraldton Heights Estate is a great bargain, as it will soon be worth much more than its initial price. Though Stage 1 only has 18 lots, we plan to offer a total of 2,500 building sites by the time all of the development is completed. Within a few short years, Geraldton Heights Estate will have its own town centre, shopping precinct, schools, and parks.

When Geraldton Heights Estates is finished, it will combine large lots, a rural feel, a community that fits into its environment and surroundings, with the positives of a city: shopping, beaches, schools, historical areas, and tourist attractions.

Geraldton has been a major beneficiary of the mining boom, and we see this trend continuing for a long time. India has earmarked $1 billion for infrastructure improvement in the next five years, and China is still seeing an average of 10% annual growth. That ensures that Australia will be exporting resources from the mining industry for years to come.

Since real estate values fell during the Global Financial Crisis, they have begun to crawl back to pre-crisis values. They aren’t quite there yet, but they are rising. Right now is the perfect time to invest in a new home with the economy, especially in WA, looking strong and poised for future growth.

First home buyers will find this especially attractive, as they can still receive a tax break, and they can get in on the “ground floor” of something that will grow as their family does. The Global Financial Crisis was an event that happens about once in eighty years. For the rest of the time, real estate prices have always increased over time.

While we can’t ever guarantee that the price of real estate in Geraldton or across Australia will go up or down, it is pretty safe to project that within ten years, these lots are going to be worth a lot more than we are selling them for now. Due to the continued success of the mining industry, Geraldton is poised for unprecedented growth and prosperity. As the mining industry continues to grow, and Geraldton becomes more of a hub, property ownership in Geraldton will become a position with a lot of leverage.

Geraldton is already known as the hub of the Midwest region. Besides the mining industry, Geraldton is known for agriculture and its world leading rock lobster fishery. Geraldton also has a worldwide reputation for water sports, especially fishing, diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

The scenery is second to none, with one of Australia’s best coastlines, breakaway ranges inland, and the Greenough and Chapman rivers framing the city on the south and north. Geraldton is also known as the gateway to the Abrolhos Islands, an archipelago consisting of 122 coral islands which begin approximately 70 km from the shore.

The Islands have a life of their own, and 22 of the islands are currently inhabited by fishermen who stay from March to June every year, when it is fishing season for the world-renowned Abrolhos Western Rock Lobster.

When you put it all together, you get a great place to live. Geraldton Heights Estate presents an opportunity to be part of something special, right at the beginning.

Call us today to take advantage of one of the best opportunities in WA.