House and Land Packages at Geraldton Heights

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we develop property and make it available for sale. While we are perfectly happy selling land blocks to you and letting you make arrangements to build your own home, that isn’t the only option. All of our builder partners can be contacted to provide you with house and land packages in Geraldton Heights.

House and Land Packages At Geradlton

Pros and Cons of House and Land Packages in Geraldton Heights

We welcome either choice you make. We know that everyone’s situation is different. For some people, it makes sense to buy the land from us. For others, it makes more sense to buy a house and land package from a builder. Here are the more common reasons for either choice.

Buying from the Developer

If you are able to build your own house, you would definitely want to buy from us. If you want a custom built home and have a preferred builder who is not one of our builder partners, it is wise to buy the land from us and then talk to your builder. Some people would rather buy the land first and then shop around with multiple builders to find the best “deal.”

If you are a small investor who wants to build homes and offer house and land packages, buying from us is obviously a great option.

Buying from a Builder

If you buy a house and land package from one of our builder friends, it is really easy. They will incorporate the price of the land into the building contract. They will also ensure that your building plans are approved and compliant with Geraldton Heights Estate and with the Geraldton Council. There is less paperwork and less hassle if you buy a house and land package from a builder.

In addition, all of our builder friends are happy to build you a custom home if you have a design in mind or don’t like the ones they have available.

To learn more, call us today on (08) 9301 4445 or visit the “builder friends” page under our Builders Info tab.