Home Owners on the Move in the New Age

Real estate and the trend of owning a home is something that seems to be in a consistent state of flux. People buy a home, invest in property and move around on a regular basis if you look at it from an average population standpoint. Most recently, however, the trend seems to be that people are changing homes more than they ever have and few commit to living in one area for too long. Some are beginning to view this as the beginning of a new age of homeowners, an age which is transient, such that home buyers are moving and changing to suit the market and their needs.

Home Owners on the Move in the New Age

Moving Statistics

For some, it may be shocking that many people are looking to move all the time and for others the following may sound just like you. Recent statistics from the Newspoll Market & Social Research company reveals that nearly 36 per cent of Australians plan on moving at some future point in their lives. Only 16 per cent say that they are fully committed to where they live, 6 per cent aren’t sure and the rest are somewhere in between.

This research shows us that over a third of the family population plans to move at some point in the future. This is a huge number when you consider everything that goes into moving and how the market seems to ebb and flow.

To further support this, the same survey revealed that 34 per cent of people have lived in 10 or more houses, with the majority of the population being over four. These statistics show us that, as a nation, we love to move around and live in different places at different times.

Who Moves the Most?

With so many people moving about, which demographic moves the most? Research shows that it is women who move from one place to another, which is contrary to the stereotype of them being more likely to nest. By contrast, men seem to want to stay put more, although this is over an average population and the exact reasoning for both genders isn’t clear.

What is clear is that people under the age of 35 move much more frequently than their older counterparts, in part because they want to try out new places and get a feel for where they want to spend the rest of their lives. On the other end of the spectrum, large families are less likely to move because of issues involving relocating children and changing schools.

Finally, residents in Western Australia seem to move the most, with only about 4 per cent claiming that they would want to stay where they are forever. This affirms that our state in particular is one of movers and like the new and exciting opportunities that moving brings.

Reasons for Moving

The trend raises some pertinent questions. What are the economic factors that drive people to move from locale to locale? Why do so many people like to change houses so often? One of the reasons, especially for younger people, is to try out different areas and lifestyles to see which one they like best. When a person is moving out for the first time, they may try suburban life, city life and rural life all before settling on the one they like most.

Probably the most prominent reason for moving is that people want to establish their ideal lifestyle and take their time in doing so. An ideal lifestyle is one that a person enjoys in every capacity and it is different for each individual. Some people prefer to live in a big city, amidst the hustle and bustle, while others tend towards a more quiet way of life, perhaps by the ocean. It may take time to find the right fit or to save up for the preferred way of life, even to find the people one would want to share it with.

Home is Where the Move is

Recent research into people’s living preferences has revealed that our nation’s people like to move around and change houses many times over the course of their lives. This may not be surprising to some who also like to own different homes and try out different places. Once a person finds the lifestyle that they like though, they tend to stay put.

For those who prefer the perfect balance between rural and urban, Geraldton may be the ideal place for you, or, at the very least, another experience to add to your home-owning repertoire. For more information about moving and real estate in Geraldton and nearby areas, please call (08) 9301 4445.