Half a Billion Dollar Budget Breaks Records

There are great things on the horizon for more than just real estate in Geraldton. With a few different new plans being revved up, all of them have been recently condensed into one master plan with a multi-million dollar budget of around $500 million. This plan will include all of the capital works planned over the course of a 10-year period and will mean a lot for both the real estate of Geraldton and all of its current citizens.

Development of the City of Greater Geraldton

A New Record

Geraldton’s half a billion dollar campaign is more of a wish list than an actual plan for development, but there are high hopes for what it can accomplish. That being said, this initiative is a record breaker in city history because this is the first time that all of the departments have come together to meld their respective desires into one concise document.

Because of this, parts of the large-scale plan will include renovations, improvements and additions to nearly every aspect of the city, especially infrastructure. The only thing not included in this project is the combined proposals of community members. However, they are in the process of being worked in.

Community Involvement

Another aspect of this half a billion dollar proposal that is setting new trends is the fact that members of the community and all citizens will have a chance to put their input into it. For the first time in all of the country, everyone will be able to have their voices heard as part of Geraldton’s #changesCGGcommunity project.

The goal of this is to produce greater transparency between those that decide on the city’s budget, or its plans for one, and the average citizen that will be affected by it.

Great Things

The city of Greater Geraldton has compiled all of the departments’ plans and wishes for a total of a $500 million campaign. Although this is perhaps an unrealistic goal, the city will deliver the best it can and everyone will have a say in how it is decided upon—thanks to the #changesCGGcommunity initiative. There is no doubt however that great things are on the horizon.

To learn more about this project and the role of the Geraldton property team in it, call (08) 9301 4445.