Growing Up Under the Country Charm

There are some people out there, yourself maybe included, who would like to take advantage of the great real estate in Geraldton, but are unsure about how life would be there. Maybe you’ve grown up in a big city or live in one now and don’t know how you would adjust to life in a small town; or maybe you have children and don’t know how they would react to growing up in that sort of lifestyle.

Growing up in Geraldton

It’s always a different kind of mindset when moving to a new place, however, there are many benefits to raising your children in a small town.

To begin with, there is much less noise in a small town. This of course, means literal sounds, but there is also less hustle and bustle that exists in the city. In a crowded city street in Perth, for example, people are constantly on the move, sometimes bumping into each other in a scramble to get to places. In a small town, however, there is still plenty of movement but there are less people to do so and more room to move around in.

This not only reduces the overall stress level in the environment in which your child will live, but it also has practical advantages. Living in a small town means that everything is within a ten or fifteen minute drive of anything else and even the furthest commutes are very short compared to big cities.

Another advantage of country life is that there is a much stronger sense of community. Unlike in the cities where thousands of people pass by thousands of other people every day, often without a greeting, most people know everyone else in a small town environment.

This gives your child the chance to grow up in a stronger community setting where people are friendly and look out for one another. It fosters stronger friendships and the “family values” often associated with living in a property that has a tight-knit community.

Geraldton is an excellent example of a small town that has everything you and your children need to live and thrive in a peaceful and pleasant environment.

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