Great Things Coming from Geraldton’s New Primary School

This month, a new primary school opened up in the city of Geraldton—the Wandina Primary School. It is definitely a new home for those who are looking for an institution that strives to provide the children of this city with the best primary education they can get. The new technologies and designs that will be employed, as well as the school’s dedication to its students can assist in achieving this goal.

New Primary School in Geraldton

Way of the Future

Wandina Primary School will be using the newest technology available to aid in its educational endeavours. Modern information and techniques will give this school an edge in helping their students learn.

Another focus of the school other than prime education is being environmentally friendly. The building itself is designed to be more sustainable, employing the usage of skylights and sensor-activated lights, to reduce the reliance on electricity. Another “green” feature is a set of air conditioning units that automatically turn off after an hour, not only cutting down on energy costs, but helping the environment as well.

Numeracy and Literacy

As described by its first principal, the main focus of the primary school is going to be strong numeracy and literacy. Parents and students have already been able to tour the facility to familiarise themselves with the new school and its staff. Thus far, reviews seem to be very positive.

Wandina is an independent private school, so it is able to appropriate its own funds and make decisions in the best interests of the school and its students. This gives it an advantage when it comes to creating the best possible learning environment. They even developed a smartphone app to keep everybody in the loop and foster an educational community.

At Your Service

The Wandina Primary School opened its door officially on February 3 of this year. With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and the aid of all sorts of new technology, this will surely be a bright new community for the 160 that have already enrolled and the many more that will join its ranks over the years.

To learn more about the school and how it fits in with the rest of the city of Geraldton, call (08) 9301 4445.