Geraldton’s Newest Vision: The Road to Success

Every city strives to improve itself as it grows bigger and stronger and the city of Greater Geraldton is no exception. Having a booming economy and real estate looking prosperous with many new residents coming in, Geraldton is a city that is looking to achieve greatness. Its vision for endeavours in the near future has already achieved some success and is poised to attain more. While still in the planning stages, this vision will accomplish much for the city and its citizens.

Geraldton’s Newest Vision

Past Revisions

To move forward, sometimes one has to take a look at the past. As part of its newest Local Planning Scheme, the City of Greater Geraldton is doing just that and delving slightly into its history.

To create a new local planning strategy, committee members are reviewing the plans for the 4 surrounding areas of Geraldton, Greenough, Cape Burney and Mullewa, updating them and then fusing them all together into one solid plan. This will make it much easier to execute once everything has been reviewed because all of the planning is in one concise document.

Working in the Present

Currently, the plan is being finalised and when it is ready, it may establish how the city will move forward in years to come. Expanding on the meetings that occurred in 2010 and 2011, this plan will include the voices of community members in addition to the experience and knowledge of city officials. This is one of few times in history that city planning has been done this way.

The plans will draw inspiration from the “five pillars of sustainability” and will hopefully allow the city to expand and develop even further in order to create a better lifestyle for all its residents.

Moving Towards the Future

With the Local Planning Scheme well underway, the city of Geraldton will continue to grow as a community and a city of greatness. Redeveloping past plans and seeking the insight of the community, it will surely produce results that will greatly benefit everyone who lives within the city and surrounding areas.

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