Geraldton’s Gratitude for Notable Volunteers

No city or organisation can function without people who give their time and energy into ensuring its success. Volunteers have a special place in the world because they do great things and give so much without expecting recognition or anything in return. However, the City of Geraldton aimed to change that when it initiated National Thank a Volunteer Day, a day in which we all give gratitude to those who selflessly serve our community.

Award of Excellence

On this day of gratitude, two major organisations were given awards for the service of their volunteers in supporting the city and its people. One of these organisations was Geraldton Midnight Basketball, a program designed for the youth of the city. This organisation officially received the “Community Excellence Award for a Not for Profit Organisation 2013”.

This program stands as a spotlight among all great volunteers, who totalled 110 on the past honorary day (5 December 2013). Four individuals were also signalled out as being volunteers of particular merit in addition to the 2 major organisations. The City of Geraldton appreciates all individuals who give their time and talent for the betterment of the city, country and the rest of the world.

Volunteers of the City of Geraldton

Midnight Basketball

The Geraldton Midnight Basketball program that was awarded by the city is a program designed for the youth. Tournament basketball games are held at 7:30pm, Fridays or Saturdays and the participants are kept safe for they are provided with a bus ride home. This program gives the young people with the opportunity to socialise in a healthy environment and engage in a sport that is loved by many.

Midnight Basketball runs completely on the power of its volunteers and gives the youth a chance to exercise and interact with one another, creating a healthy environment for them. With the program’s great mission and dedicated workers, it truly deserved the award and, hopefully, Midnight Basketball will continue functioning, serving the youth of the city for many years to come.

Thank You

Volunteers deserve a special thank you for all of the work that they do. The City of Geraldton believes that this dedicated work should not go unnoticed and so it grants individuals and organisations with awards every year, recognising the efforts that they do and the energy and commitment that they expend.

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