Geraldton: Western Australia’s Property Investment Hotspot

Property investment is a potentially lucrative business to get into, as it offers the potential to gain much more money than originally put down. Western Australia has become known for its many centres for property investment, with a number of cities and areas composed of boom towns. Currently rising in the trends of real estate is the city of Geraldton, which is one of the greatest hotspots for property investments in the country now.

Geraldton Property Investment Hotspot

Booming Economy

One of the features that makes Geraldton one of the most popular places to invest in is its booming and diversified economy. Originally benefiting from the mining boom a number of years ago, the effects of that are still continuing within the city. In addition, there are a number of other sources of income that are allowing the city to grow at an exponential rate.

Farming, fishing and tourism have now become staples to the Geraldton economy in the same way that mining has. Combined, all of these features add to Geraldton’s economic welfare, making it possible to retain the cost of housing relatively lower than other booming cities on this coast.

Future Endeavours

Times are great in Geraldton now, but the future looks even brighter for residents and those looking to make the move there. Although the fate of it has been uncertain, it is looking very likely that the Oakajee Port Project will carry on and is sure to bring in much revenue for the city.

The Square Kilometre Array Project is another project, a joint venture with South Africa, which will boost the city’s resources. Mining developments and renovated infrastructure and other parts of the city are also sure to increase the value of property in Geraldton.

The Booming Geraldton

For property investors and anyone who is interested in living in a growing, beautiful city, real estate in Geraldton is the perfect opportunity. With a multi-faceted economy and great plans for the future, it is set to become a profitable and enjoyable boomtown for investors and residents alike.

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