Geraldton: Water Sports Capital of the Mid West?

While researching the area and putting together our Geraldton property team, we learned a lot about the area. Besides Geraldton being a mining hub where we could offer land for sale, a rural lifestyle with city amenities, we found that some consider Geraldton to be a water sports hub for the region.

Geraldton has a global reputation for some of the best conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the world. The winds are very consistent, and always seem to fall within a zone that is perfect for providing a lot of propulsion without being dangerously strong. The best time for either is from November to March, due to the prevailing winds out of the south.

Experienced windsurfers love Sunset Beach, because the wave breaks provide a real challenge and is great for the more experienced windsurfers. On the other hand, beginners love St Georges Beach, due to gentler waves, and plenty of company due to its reputation.

Point Moore and Coronation Beach are both examples of beaches that can accommodate everyone, from beginners to veterans. Both have a calm bay area and an outer reef, allowing windsurfers to choose between difficult, easy, and transitional conditions.

Geraldton has great surfing for those who don’t use the wind, too. Beginners can start at Back Beach or Coronation Beach, while those with more experience like Flat Rocks/Head Butts, 30km to the south of Geraldton, or Greenough. Sunset Beach is a spot that is very popular in the winter, due to larger swells.

Scuba divers and snorkelers love the Geraldton area, too. Point Moore is very popular, with reefs from 1-9m deep, with plenty of shrimp, rock lobsters, octopus, butterfly fish, parrot fish and scorpion fish. Lighthouse Passage is also very popular, because it connects two reefs, and is home to Samson fish, trevally, kingfish, and buffalo bream, among other species.

Hells Gates, with a reef that is as deep as 18m, also has many different species of fish, including coral trout, bald chin gropers, kingfish, turtles, and rock lobsters. Other places to dive include Shallow Reef, Fisherman’s Wharf, Breakwater, and the Mayhill Shipwreck.

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