Geraldton Universities Centre Expanding with $3 Million Boost

Education is a very important aspect of life for many that are pursuing careers in academia and in higher rank positions in business, medicine and other areas of study. To serve many parts of Western Australia, the Geraldton Universities Centre stands as one of the region’s best places for higher education. Last month, the Centre received a financial boost of $3 million that will enhance both its academic potential and quality of student experiences.

Geraldton Universities Centre Expanding

A Major Boost

As mentioned, the Geraldton Universities Centre recently received a grant of $3 million from the Royalties for Regions program sponsored by the State Government. This funding will allow the college to be able to best meet the needs of the student community, something that the institution is committed to.

These funds will be used to enhance classrooms and other amenities, as well as create new classrooms to accommodate more students. In addition, the off-campus programs of the Centre will also be enhanced through an expanded IT department, allowing greater access for more students in psychology, accounting and other disciplines.

A Growing University

The Geraldton Universities Centre is a growing complex that serves the academic needs of students throughout Western Australia. With the population of the state growing, the number of students has also increased in suit. Last year, a little more than 80 students formed the first-year class, while this year over 200 are projected to be in the same class by the middle of the term.

With more students, the Centre needed more equipment and facilities to give each of them the best learning experience possible. With the funding from the State Government, they have received just that. Now all enrolled students can receive a high-quality education close to home.

Cool for School

Last month, $3 dollars was granted to the Geraldton Universities Centre, an establishment that provides higher education to students throughout Western Australia. This financial boost is going to provide more classrooms and opportunities to students on and off campus to accommodate the rising population. This is sure to enhance the Geraldton and WA community as a whole.

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