Geraldton: Technology Hub of the Mid West?

When people from the Perth area talk to us about house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate, one of the first things they ask about is our economy. They are attracted to the seachange lifestyle with a slower pace. They also know we have land for sale at Geraldton Heights Estate that costs about a tenth of what the same block would in Perth but they want to make sure they can find reliable employment when they get here.

Technology Hub of the Mid West - House and Land Packages Developer

We are here to tell you: in some ways that are having immediate effects and some that are “planting seeds” for the future, Geraldton is set up to be the technology hub for the Mid West for years to come. Here are a few reasons why Geraldton is able to stand tall as a city that is friendly to technology.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

The NBN is scheduled to be finished throughout Australia by 2020 but Geraldton is already “hooked up” and running, with more area towns receiving service every week. In Perth, you are used to having it and know how important broadband Internet service is to keeping in touch with trends and discoveries in any business.

Geraldton Airport Technology Park (GATP)

The GATB is a technology park covering over 60 acres. It is becoming the “strategic hub” for the entire Mid West. While it is an aviation hub, it isn’t limited to just aviation. The GATP is seen as a place where numerous employment opportunities will develop. It is designed to be environmentally friendly and more sustainable than previous developments.

The GATP is located 12km from the Geraldton CBD and its sole focus is to develop business and technology opportunities in the Mid West region. The GATP is serviced by main roads to ensure easy access to and from the Geraldton CBD.

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