Geraldton: Your Sea Change Destination

House and land packages in Geraldton Heights Estate have been going nearly as fast as they have been made available. While some of the interest has been from locals, a lot has been from people in the Perth area looking for a sea change.

We love Geraldton; it is an international tourist destination with a lot of attractions and amenities. Land is still a lot less expensive here than it is in Perth. That being said, we always encourage potential homeowners to experience Geraldton for themselves first.

Geraldton: Your Sea Change Destination

Here are 5 recommendations for anyone considering a sea change.

Start with a Plan and Do Your Due Diligence

Are you retiring? If not, how are your employment prospects? Make sure you are satisfied with access to infrastructure and amenities.

Visit During Different Seasons

Visit during tourist season. Visit during slow season. Find out where the locals go and hang out there to experience what it’s like to actually live in your destination during the slower times.

Know the Property Market

Get an idea of the general price structure of the town or city you are looking at.

Don’t Buy an Established Home after One Inspection

If you are buying an established home, visit it more than once. Don’t be fooled by your first impression.

Make Sure You are Getting What You Pay For

A lot of people moving from larger cities overpay for their homes in smaller markets because they still have their own market’s mentality and perception.

Bonus Recommendation: Call Geraldton Heights Estate

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we have done most of the work for you. We have house and land packages available at below-market prices. We have carefully chosen our builder partners to ensure the finest quality and 100% customer satisfaction. We can’t visit for you or guarantee employment, but we invite you to come up to Geraldton for a visit any time.

To learn more about Geraldton Heights Estate, call us today: (08) 9301 4445.