Geraldton Poised for Unprecedented Economic Growth

If you are thinking about purchasing one of the house and land packages available in Geraldton Heights Estate, you should pay close attention to this piece. 4Land Property Group, in conjunction with the owners of Geraldton Heights Estate, chose Geraldton for their first land estate outside the Perth area because it represents an opportunity for homeowners to attain substantial capital growth.

Why do we feel this way? Because we always look for areas with a lot of long-term growth potential and we have identified factors that contribute to that growth. When we decide to develop a land estate, we want it to be in a family-friendly location with access to employment, transport and amenities. This would include shopping, medical facilities, schools and entertainment.

Geraldton Poised for Unprecedented Economic Growth

Geraldton is a small, regional city, but it has big-city amenities. In addition, Geraldton Heights Estate has a view of the Indian Ocean. There are numerous tourist attractions within easy driving distance. Basically, you are close to all of the schools, shopping, entertainment and medical facilities you need. Transport is not an issue because everything is so close.

But Geraldton has something even better going for it: a plan for creating infrastructure and expanding its economy. The plan is called, “Geraldton 2029 and Beyond.”

The Geraldton Blueprint

Geraldton’s government is working hand in hand with its citizens to promote sustainable growth for the foreseeable future. They have already completed numerous projects, including the Geraldton Foreshore Redevelopment. The community is working together to ensure that Geraldton grows physically in a manner that will allow it to sustain a near-doubling of its population in the next twenty years.

The 20-Minute City

Geraldton’s planners want to create a Geraldton in which everything anyone needs is within a 20-minute walk or drive.

Geraldton Heights Estate

In the future, land blocks in Geraldton will be smaller. Now is the opportunity to purchase blocks measuring over 2,000 m2 for as little as $129,000.

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